CMCY | Buying or Selling a Property in Cyprus
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Buying or Selling a Property in Cyprus

Buying or Selling a Property in Cyprus

Its no secret that Buying or Selling a Property can be a life changing financial decision that is worth appointing a specialist lawyer in real estate law to guide you and advise you through out the whole process.

The Purchase or Sale of a property in Cyprus can become risky and very complicated in cases where the parties either do not provide or request the relevant and appropriate information regarding the said Property. A seller or a buyer should always seek professional legal advice when it comes to a Property Sale or Purchase.

There are many reason to appoint a real estate lawyer when Buying or Selling a Property in Cyprus, and we have outlined some of the main reasons below:

If you are buying a property it is important to seek professional legal advise to perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Make a due diligence on the said Property for you to know its current status.
  • Request from the Seller all relevant documents related to the said Property
  • Have a due diligence on the Seller (Person or Company) and request documents where necessary.
  • Arrange the drafting of Sale Contract to safeguard your interests
  • Keep direct communication with the either the Seller or his lawyer or any party involved.

On the other hand, if you are selling a property it is important in cooperation with your lawyer to do the following steps:

  • Be ready and provide the Purchaser with all the relevant information regarding your property once requested.
  • Have a check or a due diligence on who is the intented Purchaser
  • Arrange the drafting of Sale Contract to safeguard your interests
  • Set the way of payment and time frame to finalise the transaction
  • Obtain and be ready with all your tax clearances certificates requested by the District Land Registry to effect the transfer your Property.


Our wide experience on any matter regarding property law in Cyprus, has enabled us to provide clients with solid legal advice and practical solutions in all immovable property cases relating to the Purchase, Sale, Lease or Rent of properties as well as in obtaining the immovable property permission where necessary.

As a Law firm, we believe each client is unique so each case is important to us and requires the appropriate study in order for us to advice each client about the property transaction they will enter in.

Our real estate lawyers apart from undertaking  due diligence for a property,  they specialize in drafting any type of Sale or Purchase contract, have the experience in representing clients in negotiations before the sale or purchase of a Property, negotiate any terms on behalf of the clients in a sale contract and are currently offering for years now all the necessary legal assistance in depositing their sale contract through any District Land Registry up to  the whole procedure to transfer and register the property in name of the client and the issue a new title deed in their name.


For any legal advice on any matter related to Real Estate Law in the Republic of Cyprus you may contact us at or at +35725255059.