CMCY | Property Law
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Property Law

Whether we are acting on behalf of the Seller or the Buyer, or whether our clients are interested in purchasing a residential or commercial property in the Republic of Cyprus our main intentions are the same and it has always been to safeguard our client’s interest and to successfully complete their transactions. Our wide experience on any matter concerning Properties in Cyprus, allows us to provide clients with solid legal advice in all immovable property cases relating to the Purchase, Sale, Lease or Rent of properties as well as in obtaining the immovable property permission where necessary.


As a Law firm, we believe each client is unique so each case is important so apart from drafting any type of Sale or Purchase contract, we are currently offering our clients all the necessary due diligence regarding the Property they are interested in purchasing, assistance in depositing their contract through any District Land Registry, as well as the whole procedure to transfer and register the property in their name and issuance of new title deed in their name.