CMCY | Immigration Law
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Immigration Law

Our Law firm specialises in all aspects of Immigration Law in the Republic of Cyprus.

As a law firm we have the experience and reputation for assisting European and Non European clients  in obtaining a residence permit or an employment permit as according to their needs during their stay in the Republic of Cyprus.

More specifically, we proudly  provide assistance to clients for obtaining any of the following residence permits in the Republic of Cyprus as well as Citizenship applications:

  • Temporary Residence Permit (TRV) / Pink slip
  • Yellow Slip (EU members)
  • Employment Permit
  • Immigration Permit 6.2
  • Category F
  • Cypriot Citizenship

Regarding the Cypriot Citizenship applications in the Republic of Cyprus we have the experience and know how to advise and assist clients with their application for acquisition of Cypriot Citizenship either through their years of residence in the Republic of Cyprus or due to their marriage with a Cypriot Citizen or through their Investment based on the new criteria of the Cyprus Investment Programme.