CMCY | Law Team
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Law Team


Nikolas Christofinis


Nikolas Christofinis was born in Cottbus, Germany on the 27th of April 1985. He studied Law at Leeds Beckett University (U.K) where he was awarded with an LLB (Hons) in 2007. He continued his specialization with an award of an LLM in Commercial Law at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle (U.K) in 2008. He is a member of Cyprus Bar Association since 2009 and he specializes in Civil Litigation, Banking law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Property law and Immigration Law.


After a successful working experience in one of the leading law firms in Limassol he established the law firm of Christofinis – Mouzouridou & Co. LLC. Mr. Christofinis is an experienced civil litigator who represents the interests of the clients in legal proceedings and has the knowledge in advising, drafting, negotiating and concluding any agreements governed under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Since 2009, he has been dealing and assisting clients (EU and non- EU citizens) with all types of residence permits in the Republic of Cyprus but also with the whole procedure for obtaining Cypriot citizenship and has participated and attended several domestic and worldwide conferences including ‘BOSCO Conference’ held in Amsterdam in 2013 regarding “Cyprus Citizenship by investment” and “Immigration Permit in Cyprus”.


He is fluent in both Greek and English.


Irene Mouzouridou


Irene Mouzouridou was born on 22nd of January 1984 in Limassol, Cyprus. She studied law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece) where she was awarded with an LL.B. Irene, further continued her postgraduate level studies and acquired an LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law from University of London (UK). She is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and she specializes in Civil Litigation, Commercial litigation, Property Law, Family Law, Banking Law, Contract Law, Immigration Law and Company Law.


After a successful working experience in two leading law firms in Limassol she established her own law firm and now Christofinis – Mouzouridou & Co.LLC. Irene Mouzouridou is an experienced civil litigator and secured successful settlements and decisions in favour of the Party she was representing. She is also experienced in drafting, negotiating and concluding sales agreements, cancellation agreements and assignments agreements concerning the sale of immovable properties in Cyprus and can handle all the necessary steps for a successful conveyance as well as drafting wills and handling probates. Also, one of the main area of Irene Mouzouridou practices from the beginning of her career until today, is the family law. Specifically, she deals and resolves complicated cases in respect of divorce, alimony, custody and property division.


Throughout her career she attended numerous conferences in Cyprus and in Europe. She is fluent in English and Greek.